Creative Use of Data

Using data to dynamically change and personalise creative might sound great in theory, but how does it actually sound in practice?

As with anything creative there are no specific rules to follow - the possibilities are only limited by our imagination - however as a starting point here are a few examples of how the most popular data points have been applied.



Date & Time

Date & Time




Time of day light/dark used alongside weather rain/temp

Weather, closest airport, destination rotation, average temp & flight time

Script line

“Freezing Friday afternoons, like this, are cruel. You cough, you splutter, so does your car, it’s battery…dead! Killed by an icy claw”

“Another cloudy day, I know where I’d rather be somewhere like Menorca / The Algarve / Lanzarote with Villa Plus temperatures reach 28 / 30 degrees in the summer… you could be lazing by the pool in just 2 hrs 20 / 2 hrs 45 flying from Birmingham / Glasgow airport”

Audio clip


The holidays are coming countdown to Christmas

Conscious use of time of day & day of week

".There are only 10 days until Christmas / only 3 days until Christmas….whatever you’re doing to get ready for a Peterborough / Cardiff Christmas……"

" advert that knows it's the morning, in fact it's Thursday morning"


Weekday time bands to fit meal/snack times

"...Deliveroo on the Thursday morning? But just imagine..."


Time-band specific products

Breakfast Brew - "Kick start your day" Breaktime Brew - "Give you a boost" Bedtime Brew - "Help you Wind down"


Dynamic count up of daily stats

“One man dies every 45 minutes of prostate cancer in the UK. That’s 32 men a day 64/96/128/416/1760 since this campaign started running.”



Device & OS

Device - Sky Sports.jpg




Device, OS + ISP specific customer acquisition vs retention messages

Script Line

“Download the Wuntu app from the app store by tapping your screen now, get free stuff exclusive to Three you! / if you switch to Three you could be getting these treats each and every week…”

Audio clip


Device Specific App Store

“…So download the free Sky Sports Fantasy Football app from the Apple Store / Google Play Store now”


Product specific to device

“…she's no longer listening to feel good hits online but on the latest bluetooth headphones in bright yellow each to their own!”




Location & Weather

Location - British Gas (2).jpg




Shout out to various cities and crews! + Weather related lines

Temperature, different song chorus based on weather condition + location

Script Line

“Hold tight the London crew inside… / the Milton Keynes crew yeah… / the Salford massive… / the Sandwell crew inside… / Cardiff crew…/ Falkirk massive…”

“Outside it’s 5 degrees the kids are gonna freeze they’ve gone off to school without their coats…again! They’ll be soaked to the bone jumping in puddles to get home, if the house is cold you know they’re gonna moan!”

Audio Clip


City, weather and day of week lines along with song

Featured restaurants specific to Location

Weather related retail products

“We know you’ve been hanging Leicester / London / Glasgow ….but if it comes on again, on this sunny Thursday morning

“With Meerkat Meals you can 2 for 1 at all kinds of restaurants in London / Cheltenham / Peterborough / Liverpool like Prezzo / Pizza Hut etc…”

“Looks like garden weather, don't you think / Urrgggh raining where you are too? / Snow, at this time of year /Sun's out... shouldn't you be too?…”


Weather - Temperature

“…On a wintery morning/afternoon, here in Leicester/Bristol…it’s only 3/2/1/0 degrees….”

City location reference

“Use the Ten Thousand steps a day challenge to explore London/Birmingham/Leeds, get fit and help beat cancer sooner…”



Sequence - ebay.jpg




Dynamic companion images of hair dye product

Story development in sequence includes day count up &

Types of good causes supported by The National Lottery

Script Line

“Want to see which shade will ease the awkward first date, look at your screen now, Insensation - just one of the 70 signature shades from L’Oreal Color Riche….” Video for illustrative purpose only

“This is a live message from the survivalist network there are reports of an impending zombie apocolypse reaching London / Barnsley / it’s been 4 /7 days since the zombies appeared

“…from backing British films to preserving endangered wildlife / from championing our sporting heroes to supporting local communities / from backing community causes to championing grass roots sports…”

Audio/Video Clip


Rotation of destinations and prices

“You can get flights to Las Vegas plus 7 nights in a hotel from only £499…….”


Rotation of different products

“Find everything you need on ebay From colourful scatter cushions………to some new paint brushes”


Different reasons to sign up

“How does NCS make me feel? When I see how many photos I’m tagged in with the lads from NCS it’s like...”




User Data

User - Three vs2.jpg




The Podcast being listened to as well as location and phone offers on rotation

Script Line

“Roll up Oxford / Birmingham / Liverpool / Oldham …. you won’t believe your eyes or your ears Football Ramble listeners / Reason’s to be Cheerful listeners / My dad wrote a porno listeners”

Audio Clip


Music Genre linked to shows + Location

Listeners First Name Data

“A little Pop / Rock music / Latin music helps you escape….unleash your inner super-fan with shows like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani & Backstreet Boys / Santanna, MJ One and Jabbawoockeez…”

“…Hey Steve / Hey Claire / Hey Lee / Hey Amy / Hey Ian…………..We know you love Three.”


User Segmentation for Show Promotion

“Take your excitement to the sofa – with the financial drama, Billions on NOW TV…..”


Gender split products

“So hurry, spotlight offers like up to 50% Profusion palettes won’t last forever / Like 50% off Levi’s 511 Biology Wash Jeans”


API + Data

API Data - Alzheimers Society.jpg



Script Line

Audio Clip


Multi-market / Language Programmatic Campaign

Customer vs Non-Customer Lines

Run…run for every chorus on your morning playlist / for every London bus, run for every kilometre, every drop of our oceans…” in English, German and Italian

“…Get a twenty pound free bet when you stake five pounds as a new customer with SkyBet”


Device specific App store CTA

“Mix - Over 70,000 walkers / 80,000 walkers / 90,000 walkers are taking part with their families, friends and dogs ”


Retargeting Demo

“... check back in with ebay…We have over forty thousand bikes listed so if the one you’re thinking about right now isn’t quite right, we’ve probably got the one that is ”

Guide to Writing and Producing for Dynamic Audio

A Million Ads delivers dynamic creative audio adverts and this guide is designed to help script writers and audio producers create for this format.

Our technique combines the script and corresponding audio with the data available about each user to create and traffic the most relevant and context aware ad for that user.

This is a general guide with some tips. Please get in touch if you have any more specific questions:

The basic process

The basic process

Creative can be personalised using many types of data

Creative can be personalised using many types of data


Dynamic creative ads are based on a script template

  • Write one complete version of the script

  • Be mindful of the data available

  • Highlight where the data influences the script

  • Avoid short fragments or mid-sentence chops, natural breathe points make good phrase edit points

  • Cover every option, always remember the default (i.e. what if no data is available?) Also check that both the longest and shortest combinations fit nicely in the time

The Script View in Studio - Data points can be assigned to the dynamic script lines

The Script View in Studio - Data points can be assigned to the dynamic script lines


Producer's Guide - The Recording Session

  • Record clips of the same element to approximately the same length. ±0.5s is normally fine

  • Start with the longest combination of alts for timing and pace before recording the alts

  • Avoid mid-sentence or consonant-to-vowel (or vice versa) edit points between the dynamic elements of the script

  • Make sure the voice over reads every alternate version with exactly the same intonation

Record full natural phrases

Record full natural phrases

Ensure the voice delivers consistent intonation

Ensure the voice delivers consistent intonation

Short video of a Deliveroo recording session


Producer's Guide - Mixing the session

  • Make one complete version of the ad in ProTools (or Logic etc.) and get it sounding perfect for that version.

  • Drop the rest of the voice / sfx / music clips onto the relevant tracks so that the track effects are applied to them as well

  • Solo each track one-by-one and bounce out the result

  • Trim each clip to remove any silence on the top and tail

  • Have each clip individually and name the file as close to the line in the script as possible so our auto-matcher can automatically match it up.

The Audio View in Studio - Dynamic alts can be aligned so every combination sounds perfect [music bed - blue and voice elements - green]

The Audio View in Studio - Dynamic alts can be aligned so every combination sounds perfect [music bed - blue and voice elements - green]


Producer's Guide - Audio Specification

Accepted Formats

  • 16bit 44.1 kHz Mp3 - at least 192 kbps (although WAV format is also accepted)

  • A Million Ads Studio handles the mix-down so level setting and any processing must be applied to the individual elements as would happen in a standard stem mix.

Levels - Best practice

  • Voice elements: - 12 dBFS peak or around -21 LUFS short term Music bed: -20 dBFS peak or around -32 LUFS short term (or whatever works best with the voice elements)

  • Bear in mind there is no processing on the final mix (apart from normalisation to -0.2 dBFS + what ever processing is applied by the publisher) so all creative must sound great without relying on master channel limiting / eq / compression.

Producer's Guide - Delivery of Elements

Voice Elements

  • Voice elements need to be supplied ‘pre-mixed’ - ie. they are the correct level relative to any music beds or sound effects.

  • All voice elements should be fully finished with any processing / fx already applied.

  • If there are spot sound effects that link to certain voice lines, it is usually a good idea to mix these into the relevant voice elements (as long the sound effect does not extend to beyond where the voice finishes)

Music / Sound Bed Elements

  • Music elements such as beds should be supplied ‘pre-mixed’ so that their levels work with the levels of the other voice and sound effect elements (although it is possible to trim levels once audio has been loaded into Studio)

Sound Effects / Atmos Beds

  • As per music elements, sound effects should be ‘pre-mixed’ so that their levels work with the levels of the other voice and music elements (although it is possible to trim levels once audio has been loaded into Studio)