Dynamic Creative

A Million Ads is the new standard for data-driven creative, enabling brands to engage people with the right content at any given moment. We make this possible by combining technology with innovation in the creative process to deliver relevant and personalised digital audio ads on-the-fly.


We start with your idea and the message you want to communicate. We breakdown and define the elements that can be personalised and work with you to bring dynamic and engaging content to each and every one of your audience.


We use data to make our ads smart and relevant. This data could relate to the user (e.g. location, age or gender), their environment (e.g. time of day, weather) or even campaign data (such as deals or offers). 


When you fuse creativity with technology, magic happens... This is how we create a unique and personalised advert, relevant to each listener where conscious and subconscious messaging can be used to catch attention and subtly build awareness.