Pandora Partners with A Million Ads to Become First Publisher to Deliver Dynamic Creative Audio Advertising

OAKLAND, California. - [23 February 2017] - Pandora (NYSE: P) announced today an exclusive partnership with A Million Ads, a global leader in dynamic creative and personalisation for digital audio, to become the first publisher to bring the dynamic capabilities popular in display and video advertising to the audio marketplace.

“This is a natural extension of the best-in-class personalisation we bring to the music listening experience on Pandora every day,” said John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer at Pandora. “Our massive data set, combined with A Million Ads’ ability to deliver tailored, data-driven audio creative in real-time, gives us yet another way to help advertisers unlock the power of audio.”

Leveraging a variety of listener demographic and consumption data, Pandora and A Million Ads will give marketers two new tools to reach Pandora’s 81 million active listeners:

Real-time personalised creative at scale: Build and serve personalised audio ads to listeners based on attributes like gender, age and zip code through a single tag. These real time ads also take into account variables such as location, time of day and weather, and allow advertisers to create thousands of versions of an audio ad easily and efficiently.

Sequential messaging and targeting: Capture attention by telling a story over time through sequentially targeted audio ads that provide listeners with new pieces of information about a brand or product. Campaigns that tell a brand story before asking people to make a purchase have been proven significantly more effective than ones that immediately focus on people to take an action.1

“As the industry leader, Pandora sets the bar for digital audio advertising and consistently offers marketers solutions that harness the power of music to effectively reach millions of consumers,” said Steve Dunlop, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of A Million Ads. “Together, we will revolutionise what listeners experience from an ad-supported music streaming experience and deliver new dynamic and personalised ways to capture attention and drive ROI for advertisers.”

For more on how this partnership will benefit advertisers, check out Pandora's latest blog post at [INSERT LINK].


A Million Ads delivers personalised audio creative on-the-fly and at scale, driving higher brand engagement and greater media effectiveness. We make this possible by combining cutting-edge technology with innovation in the creative process to deliver relevant and personalised digital audio ads in real time.
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1. The Science of Social Advertising, A Research Study on Sequenced for Call to Action vs. Sustained Call to Action, May 2014