Managing users, groups and roles

This post outlines how we handle users, groups and roles in the Studio.

You can create a new user by clicking the + button at the bottom of your user group.


Creating a new user will send them an email to verify and let them choose a password.

User groups


Every user is a member of a user group. Users within the same group can see the same set of clients, campaigns and scripts. What they can do to those elements in governed by their individual role. 


Every user is assigned a role that governs what they are able to do in the Studio. The table below shows which roles can do what:

Role Create user groups Create, delete, edit users in your group Create, delete, edit clients and campaigns Create and delete scripts Publish scripts Edit scripts View scripts
User Group Administrator
Script Administrator
Script Publisher
Script Editor

There is a special type of user called a Demo user that can be shared with others in order to share multiple scripts in one demo player. See this post for details on how to create a demo user.