Overrides gives manual control over which scripts is played

The basis of the override feature is to allow users to manually set a piece of data in a script, effectively overriding any other data that may be around. Here is what the settings screen looks like for a script we ran recently:


We have defined a custom data field called "Walkers" and told the script to change based on the number e.g. "Over 70,000 walkers are taking part ..." is the default, but with the override set as per the screen shot, the script changes to "Over 80,000 walkers are taking part".

You can use this for things like changing a product (for example: 3 products are on sale, but one has just sold out!), price (dynamic pricing based on demand) or prize fund (this week's lottery jackpot amount).

The settings page above can be made available to the client or agency themselves, giving them real control over their creative and is much simpler than making an API connection ... once the save button is pressed the next ads served will reflect the change.

Here is an example of changing an override whilst a campaign is in flight. In this example, we change the jackpot amount of the lottery by simply changing a value in the script settings.