Studio's new dynamic player


We have re-launched the dynamic player to bring a fresh new look along with a host of new features and functionality to further enhance user experience and workflow.

Feedback from both power and new users has helped us to build upon one of the core components of our application, making the task of reviewing and playing back any possible version of your dynamic audio advert a very easy one.


The minimised media player can be launched from anywhere in Studio where you see the triangle play button, and when playing a script (as opposed to an individual media file), the minimised media player includes the option to expand the player to reveal the dynamic player. The expand button is a chevron in form, and is positioned to the right of the play button.

Script playback, with access to the dynamic player is achieved via the play button found in the red FAB menu in the bottom right corner of the script edit page, or from the play button positioned beside the script name in the campaigns page of your dashboard.

Media playing

In addition to the functionality already available- such as play/pause, and download the mp3 of the playing version of your ad, we’ve included more information in the new minimised dynamic player. The names of your script, campaign and client are now displayed alongside the media player controls and these all link to the corresponding pages in your dashboard.


A brand new feature is the script read through, which is displayed on the left side of the expanded dynamic player.

This component highlights each line of the script as the playing media reaches it, and offers an easy way of skipping to other points in the advert- by clicking a line the playhead moves to the corresponding point in the script.

Each line is accompanied by icons to denote the rule types (weather, location etc) that affect the option that is being played.

Conditions Selector

Selecting a script version in the new dynamic player introduces the ability for you to choose between hearing a dynamically produced ad, the one that contains the default options, or one using all of the shortest or longest media files.

Selecting conditions was the core of the previous incarnation of the dynamic player, and this has largely remained unaltered, save for the addition of options for both ‘no-value’ and ‘auto’ where possible.

Selecting a different script version, or different conditions automatically loads the appropriate version of your advert in the media player- so all that is left for you to do is hit play and hear as your audience will.

On top of all of these great new features, the redesign creates a more intuitive workflow, whilst maintaining a consistent and familiar look and feel for regular users.