Using the weather forecast in creative

Photo by  Nikita Ignatev  on  Unsplash

If you are thinking about using the new Weather Forecast rule, here are a few creative ideas:


Use the weather forecast to connect your message to listeners and inspire their travel plans with trips away. From escaping dismal weather this weekend to finding a suitable sunspot, this is a fantastic opportunity to advertise that not so secret escape! You could even go one step further and connect price data to your ad to call out the best available deals in real time!

Its forecast to [rain/freeze/snow] this weekend, so why not escape to somewhere [ dryer to top up that tan / hotter to warm those cockles in the sun / even snowier and get your ski on] !

With flights from [$xx] for flights to [destination] it’s easier to get away than you think.

Food retailers

Knowing what the weather is doing can drive product purchase decisions. For example, on a how weekend everyone stocks up on BBQ food, drink, ice and ice cream. Encourage listeners to get their shop done before the rush.

Forecast sun: It is HOT HOT HOT [this/next] weekend and with weather like this you know it’s time to dust off the BBQ and get ready to grill with [products on rotation]. Visit your local [location store] and get stocked up before everyone else gets the same idea!

Forecast rain: This [Sunday/tomorrow/today], when it’s dull and rainy you need to be getting stuck into a series and topping off your day with a delicious [product]. Go on, treat yourself! Sunday’s are made to feel good.


Whether you are selling, umbrellas or lawnmowers, skirts or shorts, use the weather forecast to personalize the product you talk to a listener about at any given moment.

With a hot spell like this coming up, [painting that fence/getting out the lawnmower/fixing the shed] is going to be more of a pleasure than a chore. Pop into your local [store location] and get that “job well done” feeling!

Combining data sources can deliver the perfect product placement. Think summer dresses for the ladies or a fresh new tee for the men.

With a hot spell hitting the streets it’s time you did too. Step into [local retailer] and [ get yourself that Maxi dress you’ve been dreaming of and slip on a pair of sandals / get out the boardies and chill out with a Hawaiian shirt over a plain white tee ] .

If the forecast is for colder weather then other product choices become important.

VO1: Sooo this weekend, what am I doing? That’s right Jack’s got a footy match so I’d better pack the thermos, and I’m shuttling Tina to ballet and that party, and I’ve got to do the shop…..

VO2: When the weather is grim all weekend and you’re running around, the last thing you need is a cold. Stop it before it starts with Sudafed.


Finally there’s all sorts of creative ways we can add context to messaging with weather to amplify the feeling of our ads.

So it’s going to rain again [this weekend/midweek] … Why don’t you brighten that picture with a lottery ticket for [Wednesday’s/Saturday’s] prize draw! This week the jackpot is over [dynamic jackpot amount]. So sure it might be raining here but who cares when you’re seeing out the week in the Bahamas!

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