Sharing audio and analytics

We've shipped a new feature, sharing, so you can now share single scripts in a demo player and single analytics pages.

Here's an example demo player

Here's an example demo player

... and here's an analytics example.

... and here's an analytics example.

We use this all the time to share our work with clients and agency folk and its really helpful to send the live analytics page to all of the stakeholders whilst a campaign is running.

The script doesn't have to be published to be shared and the sharing links stay live for 30 days after the campaign end date, or 30 days after the link is shared, whichever is the latest.

To share the audio of a single script in demo player, use the share icon next to script lists as you roll over. Click once to request the share link, then again to copy the link to the clipboard.


There is also a share button that pops up from the right hand bottom corner of the script editing view.


To share an Analytics page, use the purple share button from an analytics page.


Clicking either of these purple share buttons will pop up a box at the bottom of the screen containing the sharing link. Click the clipboard icon next to the link to copy it to your clipboard.


Once the link is on your clipboard, you can switch to your email or messenger and paste it in to send to colleagues, clients, your best friend, your mum etc.

Note: these links are not password protected or secured in any way - anyone with the link will be able to use them to view the analytics or play the demo player, so we strongly advise NOT sharing the links publicly (e.g on Twitter!) and respecting client confidentiality.

This is a great technique for sharing one script at a time. If you want to share multiple scripts and protect the demo player with a passcode, you can create demo users - see this post for more.