Workflow to make changes to a live campaign

When a script is ready to go live, before the tag can be trafficked, it needs to be published.

This all happens in the publish window that pops up from the green button in the script editor view.


If your script contains any validation errors you will see them here.


When you have fixed all of the validation errors, you are ready to publish:


Each script is published under a unique publication key. This does not become active until publishing is complete (and will return an error if the tag is called before publication).

Once a script is published it is locked for editing - you cannot change any of the rules, the audio or the sequencing.

But what if there is a mistake or the client has requested a change? It is possible to un-publish a script but this risks stopping impressions being served and would require the campaign to be paused in the ad server.

Instead, we recommend creating a copy of the script within the campaign.

In the Create Script box, choose the Advanced tab and check "Copy from script".


In the text box that appears, search for the script you would like to base the copy on and hit next to create a new script that is a clone of the original.

Now make the required changes to the copy and then publish this version, but using the existing publication key of the previous version:


This allows you to seamlessly update or fix a script, publish it and switch over the publication key, all without needing to change the tag, or make any changes at the ad server.