A Short Story About You, Me and Sound


Why I Am Championing Digital Audio

Have you had a look around on your commute? Do you see the hundreds of headphones around you? Probably not because you're too busy crushing candy, catching up on emails, and listening to your favourite digital audio... aha!  Just think how often you listen to audio throughout your day or week?!

When I think of audio, I think of how music can awaken my emotions. Depending on the track, music can make me feel happy, sad or empowered and roaring, ready for the day!! No other medium has that kind of effect on me, and yet, audio has always been the ugly duckling of advertising. Because you can't visualise it and marketers have traditionally found it difficult to measure ROI etc. etc.

But what if the impact of audio ads is far greater than previously thought and far more effective than all of those display ads that we all love to ignore or scroll through?? 

What if creatively audio is now a far greater medium to stimulate one's own visual image and affinity toward a brand? What if digital audio has turned from ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, full of possibilities?!