Why have one ad when you can have a million ads?


A Million Ads delivers dynamic creative and personalisation for digital audio. We are the new standard for data-driven creative, enabling brands to engage people with the right content at any given moment. We make this possible by combining technology with innovation in the creative process to deliver relevant and personalised digital audio ads on-the-fly.

We start with the idea: the message or script that you want to communicate. We breakdown this script and define the elements that can be personalised according to the individual that sees or hears the advert.


The next step is to source data. This can be user data (such as age, location or gender), environment data (such as time of day, weather) or campaign data (such as a deal or offer).

Ad creation

This is the A Million Ads magic: the creative and data are combined together to produce the rich media advert just for that user. This ad will be more effective with increased recall, compared to the non-personalised equivalent.

Robust environment

The dynamically created advert is then placed in to the user’s environment which, by the nature of it being Video or Audio, is far more robust than a Display environment. Problems that plague Display, such as viewability and fraud, are a thing of the past.


Multiplying all the combinations and permutations that are possible with a personalised ad, there are easily over a million variations.
A cool Mill
1 x 106

We use whatever we know about the User, their Environment and the Campaign to influence the creative.

• User data can include Name, Gender, Age, Location, but also information specific to the campaign, such as whether they are a customer of the advertiser.
• Environment data can include the time of day, current weather conditions, or even be dependent on a news story or a sport score.
• Campaign data will be supplied by the client and could include specific offers or deals.

Multiplying all of these options together equals at least a million permutations. The important thing to remember is that the A Million Ads system creates all of the individual alternatives, so production cost is controlled.

  • Gender

    Male, Female or Unknown

  • Days of the week

    Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

  • Weather

    Sun, Cloud, Rain, Snow, Fog, Hot, Cool, Freezing

  • Campaign Info

    Customer? Yes, No, Unknown


A Million Ads solves the problem of ineffective campaigns, small segment sizes with targeted campaigns, and high production cost for personalising rich media adverts.
For Advertisers
Cost effective targeting
Targeting adverts can often result in segment sizes that are too small to be efficient for the campaign. A Million Ads solves the problem of scale by removing the incremental creative cost of addressing each segment.
For Users
Effective and relevant adverts
In the noisy and distracting multi-media world, ads struggle to cut through. Personalisation techniques have been proven to increase effectiveness in Display: A Million Ads will now do that for Audio and Video ads.
For creatives
Control of production costs
Without A Million Ads, the production cost of hundreds – or millions – of personalised rich media ads would be too high to justify the benefit. A Million Ads technology smartly removes much of the production effort, thereby increasing ROI of the campaign.

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