We have been building world-class technology to solve Dynamic Creative for Audio since 2015. Our platform consists of two parts: The AMA Studio – a design tool for creatives to build dynamic creative; and a consumer-internet scale ad serving platform that delivers billions of impressions into the world’s favorite audio services.


AMA Studio is a tool for audio producers and creatives to bring data right into the heart of their creative process.

A visual designer that links data to audio, allows visual fine-tuning of each different version, and publishes millions of ads in minutes. AMA Studio then serves the finished product into existing ad-tech platforms.


More from AMA Studio

Built for speed and high-production values by audio industry professionals.

Automatically Assign Rules to Lines in the Script

Write the script in the existing tools you use such as Word or Docs and then seamlessly import that into AMA Studio. We will automatically assign the rules and values based on the words in the script, saving time and improving accuracy.

Sequence the Audio

In browser audio sequencer showing all of the different clips and how they will play relative to each other. Use bed music and sound effects – all assignable to data triggers – as well as voice over elements. Lock elements in time to create precise edits, such as dynamic songs or raps. Use the power editor to trim, add fades and change the attenuation. Then preview the full mix and scrub to the right point in the audio. Perfect sounding, high quality audio every time.

Track Insights

Once a campaign goes live, track its delivery in real time with insightful analytics showing impressions over time, by device and operating system, the top delivered creatives and the flow diagram, showing the path through the script. Share this live page with adops and campaign managers.

See it in Action

We love to show off AMA Studio – drop us a line and let us impress you.

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