Based in London and New York, we have a growing in-house team made up of Creative, Engineering and Sales, each of whom work tirelessly towards making our unique product come to life. When we’re not creating dynamic audio ads, you can find us listening to Prince, making biltong, cycling and eating bourbon creams, along with other equally industrious activities!

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Steve Dunlop

Founder & CEO

I'm fascinated by how we tell stories: the more engaging and compelling the story, the more effective it is at communicating our needs and desires. My background as a producer, strategist and engineer has given me the empathy to apply technology to real-world human problems: A Million Ads is the culmination and at its heart helps everyone tell more effective stories.

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Mo Taylor


I am passionate about delivering fantastic products that our customers love. I am fortunate over the past 20 years to have worked globally with many organisations, largely in the digital media sector. Outside of dreaming about the next product feature you will find me building guitar amps or spending time with my family.

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Silke Zetzsche

Head of Commercial Partnerships

What draws me to A Million Ads is the company’s ethos - we're all about pioneering change in the digital marketplace. I love striving for the next cool, innovative and challenging thing in digital media advertising. Outside of work I love hanging out with my cool little daughter Alexandra.

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Niki Stoker


Tech and creativity may not be a natural fit but does using technology mean you cannot be creative? A Million Ads answers this question perfectly, by using the tech platform our clients and brands can be more creative than they have ever dreamed of! When I'm not working, you're likely to find me roller-skating with my kid, hanging with friends, exploring, reading or drinking gin.

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Brian Sherman

US Sales Director

I've always tried to place myself at the intersection of media and innovation by working at best in class companies that solve problems in today's advertising landscape. A Million Ads is disrupting the way brands think about personalization and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of that journey. Outside of work you can catch me at a concert or playing with my two kids, Jack and Charley.

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Sam Crowther

Head of Creative

I’m fascinated by sound, particularly understanding how and why it affects us the way it does. Testing creative boundaries and developing the understanding of how we apply dynamic personalised sound within ads to make them more...well...human!

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Simon Palframan

Head of Creative Development

Ever since taking a module on psychoacoustics at University, I have been hooked on audio and the goal of moving and influencing people, irrespective of the medium. It’s not often that an exciting new way of communicating comes around which is why I am working here at A Million Ads. That and the free biscuits.

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livia Dixon

Marketing Manager

I understand the importance of ensuring a brand is appropriately engaging with their consumers, so I jumped at the opportunity to work for a company that makes this possible for leading brands across the globe. When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending time with my two pugs or scouting out the best places to eat in the home counties!

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Scarlett Richards

Office Manager

I was drawn to A Million Ads by the forward-thinking innovative nature of the product and the pioneering minds behind it. It’s fantastic to work with such a dedicated team! Outside of work you’ll find me reading some novel from the 19th century or planning my next adventure.

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Lindsay Shelton

Client Services Manager

I am passionate about people! I love understanding why people do what they do. It’s rewarding to work at a company where we can tap into people’s moments and deliver something relevant. I am a dual citizen of the US and UK and a proud Bostonian who has a special love for food, books, travel and dogs (especially Golden Retrievers).

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Luke Taplin-McCallum

Account Manager

Consumer attention and creative ads are what fascinate me. It’s all about telling stories, being relevant, and quite simply personal… Something I think we kick-ass at! Outside of work you’ll find me doing something sporty, active or over-indulging on pizza, brownies and Diet Coke (balanced lifestyle right?).

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Tyler VanderValk

US Account Executive

A Million Ads is at the forefront of this rapidly changing digital audio landscape, speaking to consumers individually. It doesn’t get more exciting than that! Away from work, you can find me in Brooklyn watching sports (Jets, Knicks, Penn State), having a beer, and eating a good meal.

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Zoe Bruton

Junior Account Manager

Having spent my childhood years tapping my toes along to music at dance school, I have become fascinated by the way the sound and audio, can influence human behaviour and consumer habits. Outside of work you can catch me in the shops or spending time with my lovely family and friends and visiting new places.

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Ben Corbett

Creative Producer

When I started my career in radio in Dublin I learnt that you're not talking to all the listeners, just one. At A Million Ads I get to craft stories that are personal, meaningful and fun. I could also talk for Ireland about movies, TV and all things nerdy!

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Matt Kirby

US Digital Audio Producer

My love for audio comes from its ability to both move us intimately and communally, or simply exist in the background as we shop. I'm proud to be part of a company giving creatives new tools to push that medium further. When I’m not at work, I love watching movies, riding my bike, short walks on the beach, and long sits on the couch.

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Dean Miller

Senior Engineer

A best-tool-for-the-job kind of software developer in love with all things technical. After spending most of my career in the digital media sector, I am pleased to be working on such a cool idea at such an early stage. Talk to me about coding, football tactics or Prince's falsetto.

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Matthew Bidewell

Back End Engineer

I’m a passionate Software Engineer that finds fulfillment in designing and implementing solutions to problems. I’m proud to have been given the opportunity to join this fast paced exciting company. If I’m not going to gigs then I’m usually exploring somewhere new.

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Craig Doyle

Front End Engineer

Being part of the A Million Ads engineering team is the best, and building a truly awesome platform capable of serving millions of ads every day is what we do. When my head’s not deep in code, I love cycling, craft beer and Iggy Pop.

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Richard Taylor

Front End Engineer

I love creating experiences and interfaces that our customers enjoy using, and that look great too. I'm really happy to have joined the team at this exciting stage and am looking forward to learning more. In my spare time I work on my own graphic design projects and occasionally throw frisbees way too seriously.

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Nancy Hong

Full Stack Engineer

The scale at which we serve at A Million Ads is very impressive and learning more about it is super exciting, especially with the supportive team that I am fortunate to be a part of. If I didn’t love engineering, I would probably be a food critic or a mermaid.