How it Works

Publish millions of perfectly-tailored ads in minutes and serve them to your customers via any existing ad-tech platform


Any source of contextual and audience-level data combine to dynamically serve the most relevant and actionable ad to each listener.

Data into Signals

From purchase history and loyalty status to music preferences, location or listening device – the AMA Studio turns data into signals that determine every aspect of the ad – voice over, music and sound effects.

This granular level of control makes the ad feel like it is made just for each listener. There might be thousands or millions of possible creative versions – we choose the right one to play that user at that moment.

Managed Service

For our managed service clients, the in-house AMA creative team produces campaigns for leading Fortune 500 advertisers including American Express,Target, Starbucks & Under Armour.

We take the brief from the advertiser and work with their creative agency (if required) to make the best ad that plusses up the format by taking full advantage of data-driven creative. We will manage the full process through approval, trafficking and post-campaign analysis.

Dynamic creative made by our in-house team has won numerous awards on behalf of our clients.


Fully automated decisioning engine with unlimited versions trafficked via a single tag.

‘Platform-intelligent’ Ads

We have direct integrations with broadcasters, music streaming and podcast publishers around the world and our single integration point through a VAST tag makes it simple to bring the power of dynamic creative to any digital campaign.

We also have programmatic integrations with all of the DSP partners that have audio inventory so campaigns can reach audiences wherever they are listening.

Whilst the reach may be huge, dynamic creative can make the campaign behave like a smaller local campaign.

With over 10 billion ad impressions served to date, our platform automates the  delivery of ‘platform-intelligent’ ads across all audio formats including streaming, podcast, and broadcast radio.

Made to

Append attribution tags and pixels to measure impact and effectiveness.

Track & Change

Tracking pixels from any third party measurement vendor can be added to our copy and can change with the same data triggers as anything else in the script.

Independent third party studies have demonstrated lift against all key metrics from recall and brand lift to foot traffic, site visits and sales.

See it in Action

We love to show you how it works in practice – drop us a line and let us impress you.

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