We have worked with more than 300 brands, delivered over 2,000 campaigns, and served over 10bn dynamic impressions. A selection of our clients is below along with headlines and case studies from each engagement.

We were really pleased with the addition of A Million Ads to our plan. Personalised digital radio has allowed us to target at scale whilst delivering significant uplift in performance. A Million Ads have the creative know-how and technical platform to deliver it and ensured the process ran smoothly from start to finish.
Ricky Kane, Media Planning & Agency Management, British Gas
A Million Ads clearly understood what we wanted to achieve and created a strong, dynamic campaign, showcasing creativity fueled by data. The campaign was very successful in driving both consideration and purchase intent.
Chloe Agache, Senior Brand Manager, J&J
Using dynamic audio with A Million Ads allowed us to target multiple segments and personalise them to ensure they were more relevant to our audience. A Million Ads were great to work with, they were flexible and fun and delivered MAHOOSIVE results!
Jennifer Smith, Brand Communications Marketing Manager, TUI Group
When our B&W WM team came to us with the idea for targeted, weather-responsive digital audio it felt a little out of reach. However, working closely with A Million Ads and our production agency, the team produced a solid, buyable strategy that allowed us to execute the creative efficiently and relatively easily. I’m really happy with the campaign, as it gives us yet another option in how we can deliver more personalised comms to our customers. There’s definitely more we can do with the platform and, being such a weather-defined business, I’d like to explore how we can build on this for next year.
Jamie Hewett, Senior Advertising Lead, B&Q
Studio.AI Now Supports 100,000 Locations for Hyper-Personalized Audio Ads
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