Dynamic Creative and Personalization for Digital Audio


Dynamic Creative

A Million Ads is the new standard for data-driven creative, enabling brands to engage people with the right content at any given moment. We make this possible by combining technology with innovation in the creative process to deliver relevant and personalized digital audio ads on-the-fly.


We start with your idea and the message you want to communicate. We breakdown and define the elements that can be personalized and work with you to bring dynamic and engaging content to each and every one of your audience.


We use data to make our ads smart and relevant. This data could relate to the user (e.g. location, age or gender), their environment (e.g. time of day, weather) or even campaign data (such as deals or offers). 


When you fuse creativity with technology, magic happens... This is how we create a unique and personalized advert, relevant to each listener where conscious and subconscious messaging can be used to catch attention and subtly build awareness.


A short story about you, me and sound...


Creativity at Scale

We remove the incremental costs previously associated with personalization. A Million Ads to a million people...


Our platform simplifies production and drives return on investment with campaigns, effortlessly delivering dynamic creative on-the-fly.


Effective and Relevant

The ads we create are more unique, personal and relevant to digital audio users, making advertising a more meaningful experience for everyone.

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A Million Possibilities

We combine all the data points known about the user, their environment and the campaign to influence the creative they hear. The more we know, the more personalized versions created, making for a more personal experience. Our platform creates all of the personaliszd versions automatically, controlling production costs.

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Studio: Data-Driven Creative Designer

The Studio is a tool for audio producers and creatives to bring data right into the heart of their creative process. It links specific data points to audio, allows visual fine tuning of the different versions, and publishes millions of ads in minutes. Studio then serves the finished product into existing ad-tech platforms.


The people behind the ads

Clients and Partners

A Million Ads clearly understood what we wanted to achieve and created a strong dynamic campaign, showcasing creativity fuelled by data. The campaign was very successful in driving both consideration and purchase intent.
— Chloe Agache, Senior Brand Manager, J&J
We were really pleased with the addition of A Million Ads to our plan. Personalised digital radio has allowed us to target at scale whilst delivering significant uplift in performance. A Million Ads have the creative know-how and technical platform to deliver it, and ensured the process ran smoothly from start to finish.
— Ricky Kane, Media Planning & Agency Management, British Gas
When our B&Q WM team came to us with the idea for targeted, weather-responsive digital audio it felt a little out of reach, I won’t lie. However, working closely with A Million Ads and our production agency Five by Five, the team produced a solid, buyable strategy that allowed us to execute the creative efficiently and relatively easily. I’m really happy with the campaign, as it gives us yet another option in how we can deliver more personalised comms to our customers. There’s definitely more we can do with the platform and, being such a weather-defined business, I’d like to explore how we can build on this for next year.
— Jamie Hewett, Senior Advertising Lead, B&Q
Using dynamic audio with A Million Ads allowed us to target multiple segments and personalise them to ensure they were more relevant to our audience. A Million Ads were great to work with, they were flexible and fun and delivered MAHOOSIVE results!
— Jennifer Smith, Brand Communications Marketing Manager, TUI Group

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