Dynamic Creative and Personalisation for Digital Audio


Dynamic Creative

A Million Ads is the new standard for data-driven creative, enabling brands to engage people with the right content at any given moment. We make this possible by combining technology with innovation in the creative process to deliver relevant and personalised digital audio ads on-the-fly.

A third of people in the UK listen to digital audio for an average of 10 hours a week


We start with your idea and the message you want to communicate. We breakdown and define the elements that can be personalised and work with you to bring dynamic and engaging content to each and every one of your audience.


We use data to make our ads smart and relevant. This data could relate to the user (e.g. location, age or gender), their environment (e.g. time of day, weather) or even campaign data (such as deals or offers). 


When you fuse creativity with technology, magic happens... This is how we create a unique and personalised advert, relevant to each listener where conscious and subconscious messaging can be used to catch attention and subtly build awareness.


Creativity at Scale

We remove the incremental costs previously associated with personalisation. A Million Ads to a million people...


Our platform simplifies production and drives return on investment with campaigns, effortlessly delivering dynamic creative on-the-fly.


Effective and Relevant

The ads we create are more unique, personal and relevant to digital audio users, making advertising a more meaningful experience for everyone.

Meet the Team

Steve Dunlop, Founder & CEO

A Million Ads is the culmination of my experience working with the BBC, Vodafone, Global Radio, Xfm, Heat Radio and Key 103. I’m passionate about Audio and believe that the values and sensibilities of one-to-one communication, when applied to digital advertising, will improve its effectiveness and impact with users.

Charlie Marshall, Founding Partner

I spend my life at the intersection between technology, business and creativity, on a quest to find valuable and interesting new ways of doing things. Hence A Million Ads! When I’m not making media personal, I can be found strangling guitars or being a taxi driver for my children.

Mo TaylorHead of Engineering

I am passionate about delivering fantastic products that our customers love. I am fortunate over the past 20 years to have worked globally with many organisations, largely in the digital media sector. Outside of dreaming about the next product feature you will find me building guitar amps or spending time with my family.


Sam Crowther, Head of Creative Development

I’m fascinated by sound, particularly understanding how and why it affects us the way it does. Testing creative boundaries and developing the understanding of how we apply dynamic personalised sound within ads to make them more...well...human!

Dean Miller, Developer

A best-tool-for-the-job kind of software developer in love with all things technical. After spending most of my career in the digital media sector, I am pleased to be working on a such cool idea at such an early stage. Talk to me about coding, football tactics or Prince's falsetto.

Simon Campbell, Strategic Advisor

Over the past 15 years I have set up and run 6 businesses across 5 sectors based in Spain and the UK. The Sandpit (A Million Ads growth partner) is the fusion of all my learnings over the years and I’m really excited to help build and be a part of the A Million Ads journey.

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