Aug 29, 2022

Growing Industry Trends That Are Raising The Stakes For Business Developers

When you’re responsible for creating new business opportunities that will attract potential clients and keep the current ones engaged, it’s not always easy to determine which of the latest business solutions to take seriously for investment and which ones to leave on the shelf.

Nevertheless, finding the right mix of the latest products and services will contribute to the vast amount of career advancement options in various fields and across regional locations, as companies onboard skilled individuals to achieve the overall mission and drive success for the business.

As a member of the Forbes Business Development Council, Paul Kelly shared his thoughts on the hottest industry trend that business professionals should be considering and why. Original article in Forbes.

Digital Audio: Digital audio has the advantage of a unique combination: the emergence of new industries, such as podcasts, connected car and home, voice commerce and more coupled with the “digitization” of a scaled, existing industry like radio. It’s similar to digital video when new formats like YouTube and social media forced traditional TV to adjust. The potential digital audio creates for new business is enormous.

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