Apr 22, 2022

Immersive Audio: Are You Ready For It?

By Richard Williams, Commercial Director at A Million Ads

As a result of the pandemic, audiences – particularly Gen Z and Millennials – are more frequently turning to audio such as podcasts, music and audiobooks for comfort and familiarity. In fact, audio has grown spectacularly in the last two years, with digital audio consumption expected to increase to 20 minutes per day up to 2023 according to eMarketer.

Whether it be on their morning commute or to wind down from a busy day, audio has certainly become part of everyday life, and with this comes plenty of opportunities for advertisers. So imagine if you could take this to the next level?

Enter 3D immersive audio, the latest audio trend that brands need to capitalise on. Designed to pan sound three dimensionally around the listener, it can transport them to another dimension, taking them on even more of a sensory journey. This allows the listener to feel the message as well as hear it, creating even more of an intimate, personalised experience. Audio is already a deeply intimate channel, and as a result, consumers are looking for emotional connections and meaningful experiences. Brands need to find creative ways to connect, and 3D immersive audio may well be the answer.

With summer approaching, brands have the opportunity to capitalise on this by creating contextually relevant 3D experiences that better connect with the consumer. For instance, advertisers can utilise immersive audio to let listeners know about deals on BBQ food or summer clothing in stores near their location.

Last year, we ran a 3D immersive audio campaign to promote Berocca’s new product, Berocca Boost tablets. The campaign brought the product to life using script lines to help the listener to feel immersed in the scenario, tapping into data points such as the rainy weather to relate to a flat mood. The ad resulted in 24% of listeners purchasing the product, with 42% asking for further information. This is proof that brands can step up their advertising and creativity with immersive audio in order to make consumers feel as though they are part of the experience, and drive conversions as a result.

The rise of streaming and podcasting has dramatically switched the pendulum for advertisers, creating endless data-driven opportunities. As a result, brands and advertisers must keep up and ensure their advertising is contextually relevant. We are expecting to hear more and more immersive 3D ads in the coming years so don’t let your brand fall behind; it’s time to take your storytelling to the next level.

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