May 24, 2022

“Marketing Champions” With Steve Dunlop From A Million Ads

See the original video interview with Steve Dunlop in Daily Ad Brief here.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

We’re seeing four key trends in the sector: First, there’s been a continued investment in content to lead to user acquisition for services, such as, Amazon’s recent acquisition of Wondery and Spotify buying gimlet. Attracting and keeping mass audiences on the major services is the first step to giving advertisers a scale channel to spend with.

Next, with advances in the audio ad tech stack, we’ve seen a corresponding increase in the level of budget advertisers are able to assign to digital audio, including podcasts. Creating more opportunities to monetize at different value levels (such as the long tail of smaller podcast titles), and presenting those opportunities programmatically is vital to enable larger budgets to flow.

Third, we’re looking to draw a clear connection between dynamic audio ads and conversions through evolving capabilities in both attribution and shoppable audio. The easier we make it for consumers to hear something and immediately make a purchase, possibly through their voice, the more we’ll see digital audio advertising boom.

Finally, don’t sleep on broadcast radio. Broadcast radio still reaches around 82% of American adults weekly so we’re expanding our dynamic capabilities to increase its sophistication and effectiveness .

What makes your company unique?

Unlike other optimization tools, A Million Ads is pre-optimized. We’ve anticipated and planned for every potential variable, then the actual data (not a black-box algorithm) determines the best unique configuration of the ad that’s served – all in real-time.

Studio.AI Now Supports 100,000 Locations for Hyper-Personalized Audio Ads
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