Jul 26, 2023

Sounder and AMA Partner to Deliver Contextually-Relevant and Brand-Safe Podcast Advertising

Sounder, the leader in AI-powered brand safety and contextual intelligence for audio content, today announced a partnership with AMA, the global leader in dynamic creative and personalization for digital audio advertising. The partnership will combine Sounder’s brand suitability and contextual targeting technology with AMA’s dynamic creative ad platform to deliver contextually-relevant and brand-safe podcast advertising.

AMA’s flagship platform, AMA Studio, is a powerful tool that allows advertisers to create personalized ads for podcast listeners based on their listening habits, demographics, and interests. The tool, which uses data from a variety of sources, including purchase history and location, can now include Sounder’s contextual data for podcasts, to create ads that are tailored to each individual listener and trafficked with a single tag.

The AMA Studio can automatically create millions of possible creative versions of an ad, and it chooses the right one to play to each user at that moment. By using Sounder’s brand suitability and contextual data, ads are always relevant and engaging, helping brand messages to scale across broader catalogs while only appearing in podcast content that is suitable to the brand’s image and criteria.

“This partnership will help advertisers reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently, while also ensuring that their brand messages are only heard by listeners who are likely to be interested,” said Kal Amin, Cofounder and CEO of Sounder.

“This exciting partnership with Sounder will deliver more relevant and brand-safe podcast advertising,” said Steve Dunlop, Founder and CEO of AMA. “Combining our industry-leading dynamic creative ad technology with Sounder’s contextual targeting expertise will provide advertisers with a more effective way to reach their target audiences on podcasts and increase podcast advertising’s scale.”

About Sounder
Sounder is more than an audio data platform. It brings together publishers, agencies, ad tech, and data partners to pioneer how audio content is discovered, monetized, and optimized. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled value to our partners and customers. Together, we’re shaping the future of the audio ecosystem. Join us at sounder.fm.

About AMA
AMA is the leader in Dynamic Creative for audio. We deliver customized, data-driven, dynamic ads on the world’s largest audio platforms. By using any combination of contextual and audience-level data we can dynamically serve the most relevant and actionable ad to each listener. With over 10 billion ad impressions served to date, our platform automates the delivery of ‘platform-intelligent’ ads across all audio formats including streaming, podcast, and broadcast radio.

Founded in 2015 with offices in New York and London, we have delivered personalized ads across the globe for leading brands such as Google, Walmart, Target, Uber, Amazon, McDonalds, American Express and Meta. Find out more at amillionads.com

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