Apr 18, 2023

Creating Hyper Targeted Ads Using Audio – with Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly is the Chief Revenue Officer at AMA. His role allows him to speak to brands daily and manage a new era of personalization in audio that is both privacy compliant yet still capable of meeting the individual customer’s needs. Prior to AMA, Paul shaped and actively scaled the commercial strategy for a number of high-growth digital companies including Viacom, AwesomenessTV, Watchmojo and GoldieBlox. His experiences gave him first-hand knowledge about brand activity outside above the line advertising, including advanced customer service and product development.

In this episode from the eCommerce Marketing Podcast, Paul shares:

  • How has the rise of podcasting and streaming services influenced the growing importance of audio advertising in the ecommerce marketing world
  • The concept of hyper-targeting in the context of audio ads and how it can lead to significant cost savings for businesses
  • What sets audio ads apart from traditional advertising mediums when it comes to personalization and audience targeting
  • Key elements that make an audio ad campaign successful and memorable for listeners
  • Example of a brands that have seen significant success by leveraging hyper-targeted audio ads
Studio.AI Now Supports 100,000 Locations for Hyper-Personalized Audio Ads
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